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Join Trackers Earth Teachers for hands-on learning that blends common core academics with nature exploration in your own backyard.

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Animal Kingdom & Botany

Delve into the science of animals and plants with an expert Forest School Teacher. Learn about the lives of the mammals, birds, and conifers in your neighborhood.

Going on a Leaf Hunt

Learn about different leaf and seed types with our Forest School Teachers. Then, take your worksheet and head outside to see how many types you can find!

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Trackers Guides are experts in their field.

Our instructors create learning connections by inspiring fascination with the natural world.

In addition to background checks, they have multiple certifications and are constantly seeking new opportunities to expand their knowledge base. 

Our expertise comes not only from certified courses, but from a real passion for education and learning, which we’ve built by leading outdoor camps and classes over the past 15 years. 

We’re still dedicated to creating that Trackers Village, where instructors can celebrate their passion for outdoor education and make a living and receive a reliable wage and healthcare.


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