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Courses, webinars, and activities that integrate learning with the outdoors.

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Rovers Rockin Robin: Bird, Art, & Dance Moves

Let’s connect through our love of birds! In each class, we’ll get to know one of these magical messengers through story, arts and crafts, and some birdy dance moves. Learn the world of birds and gain access to the secrets of the wild.

Wilders Chef: Cooking with Cowboy Sam (Bannock Bread)

Learn to make bannock, a delicious and easy camp bread! We’ll also cover measuring, mixing, and safe stovetop use.

Trackers Skills: Survival

Learn the needs of wilderness survival—shelter, water and food—and how to level them up with the addition of fire.

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Trackers Guides are experts in their field.

Our instructors create learning connections by inspiring fascination with the natural world.

In addition to background checks, they have multiple certifications and are constantly seeking new opportunities to expand their knowledge base. 

Our expertise comes not only from certified courses, but from a real passion for education and learning, which we’ve built by leading outdoor camps and classes over the past 15 years. 

We’re still dedicated to creating that Trackers Village, where instructors can celebrate their passion for outdoor education and make a living and receive a reliable wage and healthcare.


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